Green Power High Grade Juicer kitchen appliances, kitchen robots and helpers, home and countertop appliances, dishwashers, washers, dryers, coffe makers. The Green Power Juicer’s 190 Watt & 1/4 hp motor produces low noise, high quality juicing. This New Green Power Juicer is the latest in compact design and patented technological developments. The older models of the Green Power Juicer, like the Green Life, Green Star and Green Power Gold juicers are much larger, heavier and do not have the newest improvements. Get the newest model of the Green Power family right here and see why the new high performance design is so much better. The Green Power Juicer is also sold under other brand names, such as the Hippocrates, Kempo and the Samson Ultra Juicers. The only difference is our great low price! The Green Power Juicer easily juices fruit, vegetables, and wheatgrass. It also extracts juice from pine needles, therapeutic herbs, fibrous plants, pulpy fruits, and leafy vegetables. It can also make mochi, baby food, and desserts, including sorbet. Using the multi-purpose kit, a variety of pastas can be made. Multi-purpose functions also include grinding coffee, grains, seeds and nuts. Green Power’s twin gear triturating action combined with a low speed (160 RPMs), and infrared and magnetic technology produce great tasting, nutritious juice. The magnetic process extracts positive ions and gives longevity to minerals in the juice, making it taste fresher. Magnets in the base of the juice bowl also delay oxidation, keeping the juice fresh up to 72 hours. The Green Power Juicer is very easy to clean and assemble. The polycarbonate inner shell means fewer parts to clean than other twin gear juicers. The internal stainless steel locking system strengthens the unit, making it quick and easy to assemble. With an overall weight of just 13.7 pounds, the Green Power Juicer is an excellent option for people who have arthritis, or have trouble with heavy lifting. With the Green Power Juicer you spend less time preparing and cleaning your juice extractor and more time enjoying the benefits of a superior tasting, health promoting juice!

Versatile Juicer – Juices Fruit, Vegetables and Wheatgrass, also makes Baby Food and Sorbet
Makes longer lasting juice with more nutrients and enzymes, 50%-200% Higher Mineral Content
Includes multi-purpose attachment kit
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee -Toll-Free Customer Service
Easy to clean and assemble – 12 year warranty – 5 years on the gears

Price: $549.95
Price:$ 439.00