Screwpull kitchen appliances, kitchen robots and helpers, home and countertop appliances, dishwashers, washers, dryers, coffe makers. Easy to handle, convenient and easy to use, the Screwpull GS-300 Metal Trilogy Table Corkscrew is designed with a patented double-helix system and Activ-ball technology. The Trilogy Corkscrew is everything a wine enthusiast demands in a corkscrew. Every Screwpull blends design, performance and innovation into a stunning, functional form. For over 25 years, Screwpull has designed and engineered corkscrews and wine accessories that make every moment of the wine drinking experience a pleasure. The combination of Screwpull’s ingenious engineering and perfect shape enables the screw to glide smoothly through the toughest corks, opening every bottle of wine effortlessly. 5 year warranty. Features Include:Unique Activ-ball design helps push cork off screw.Double helix screw for easy removal of the cork.High quality metal body with elegant black nickel finish.Innovative insert creates confident grip on the bottle.

Self-pulling table corkscrew for opening standard or flange-top wine bottles
Internal flex system grips the bottleneck in just the right place for maximum efficiency
Teflon-coated, double-helix screw; Activ-Ball technology for easy cork retrieval
High-quality metal construction; soft-touch panels and handle ensure a secure grip
Measures approximately 2 by 3 by 7-1/2 inches; 10-year limited warranty

Price:$ 59.99