Saachi kitchen appliances, kitchen robots and helpers, home and countertop appliances, dishwashers, washers, dryers, coffe makers. New Saachi Tortilla/Roti Maker is perfect for making tortilla wraps, pitas, chapati, roti, and other flatbreads in minutes. The thermostat allows you to control the heat of the cooking plates. The top and bottom cooking plates are coated with nonstick material for easy release. Easy to clean! Simply wipe off with a cloth. Beautiful Chrome finish and compact storage.

The new upgraded Saachi model flattens and bakes makes great Tortilla, Roti, chapati, Pita, Flat breads and other Wraps in minutes.
Nonstick cooking plates heat quickly and distribute heat evenly to make perfect Tortillas or Roti/chapati everytime.
Thermostat allows you to control the heat of the cooking plates. Professional cool touch top handle press makes flattening dough easy.
Nonstick cooking plates release breads easily and can be wiped clean easily with a cloth.
Auto ON/OFF/READY light. Beautiful Chrome Finish & Compact storage.

Price:$ 39.99