MIU kitchen appliances, kitchen robots and helpers, home and countertop appliances, dishwashers, washers, dryers, coffe makers. These handy, flexible cutting boards are color coded for different food groups to minimize cross-contamination and to protect countertops. Blue for fish, red for meats, yellow for poultry, green for vegetables and white for general purposes. The flexible boards curl easily to transfer chopped food directly into the bowl, pot or pan..

5-pack of flexible plastic cutting boards, 15 by 11 inches
Color-coded for use with different types of food. Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and White.
Protects countertops and helps prevent cross-contamination
Curl easily for transferring food to bowls or pans
Safe in the dishwasher; easy to store

Price: $10.00
Price:$ 9.99